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HI!! I'm michelle. I'm 20 years old. My birthday is 7/11, i think its cool. I work at petsmart, grooming dogs. My boyfriends name is Tim <3 and we have a dog named prince. thats all for now, look around my site for fun stuff, and more about me. [btw: i'm new to this building a site thing so excuse me]

::mini bio::

Lived in sunny san diego until i was 16. Moved in with grams. Moved to austin at 18..then moved back in with grams. Now [20] live with my sweethgeart [tim]. Went to 3 different high schools. My hs in cali..[steele canyon aka: horse shit canyon] cuz there was 3 horse ranches around and when the wind blew you could smell 'em. (that was in cali. Woodrow wilson high was all ghettofied. and travis high was just lame. i think it was for stupid people. Anymoo...Oh i have traveld to many staes all over the U.S. and canada. [montreal, quebec, and B.C.] I luuurv to travel.

what are you lookin at?
just bein goofy


hmmm...well not much to say.

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[some pages look like crap cuz i hardly ever update them. and my layout on xanga is not working for some awefly crazy reason.]


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 I'm really not concieted or egotistical
or anything...
anyone who knows me knows that
but go check out some of my
other stuff.

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music, movies, poetry, dancing, art, shoes, bracelettes, tattoos, piercings, dogs, kats, dancing, writting, reading, concerts, musicians, poets, rings, stars, roses, kisses, hugz, walking at night, swings, instant messaging, my cell phone, art, stickers, pictures, paint, markers, shoe laces, skirts, fishnett stockings, ice cream, sharpies, gain laundry detergent, socks, necklaces, bags, needles, boots, lotion, belly dancers, black nail polish, razor bladz, bunnies, candles, vampires, faeries, black coffee, Being a kid, road trips, murals, foreign languages, suspension, motorcycles, leather jackets

::birthday gift::
see... my birthday is July 11th and Tims birthday is July 23rd. and we want to go skydiving for our birthdays! and were trying to save money. so if you want to give us a birthday gift, money twards our skydiving trip would be greatly apreciated. we'll definately be having parties too. so you'll definately be invited if you help us out. anything, $1 $5 $10 $20 anything would help. to make a donation, please click on the link below. Thank you!!!