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the cool people page

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My krazy boyfriend.

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I love to chew on stuff like raw hide bones. But my favorite toys are balls and stuffed animals. But tim and michelle don't get those for me anymore, i think its cuz i chewed 'em all up and made a mess all over the place. I love to go the dog park and play with the other dogs. and run around. I am very hyper. My best friends are Chris, and Atikis. They give a LOT of attention. I like Steve too, but i like his green stuffy key chain better. I like to sleep, and sit on the couch, but i'm not really alowed too. I like the kitti next door. I like to chase her but i wish she'd play with me.


I hate bitter apple spray, and doggie breath freshner. I don't like baths too much, but i'm good for it anyway. But i HATE the bathroom. And i hate rules. I don't like to be on the patio when Tim and Michelle leave, i don't like when they leave. I don't like to go to work with michelle, i sit in a cold hard cage all day, and bark....but no one lissens they just tell me to shut-up :( grrr...



my best friend my cuzin ashley we grew up together in ghetto ville spring valley


My other best friend, concert buddie brittini [right] and her lil sis Tootsi [left] the coolest lil kid i kno



My crazy lil sis.
lives in idaho.
i miss her so much
shes a cool kid.

::birthday gift::
see... my birthday is July 11th and Tims birthday is July 23rd. and we want to go skydiving for our birthdays! and were trying to save money. so if you want to give us a birthday gift, money twards our skydiving trip would be greatly apreciated. we'll definately be having parties too. so you'll definately be invited if you help us out. anything, $1 $5 $10 $20 anything would help. to make a donation, please click on the link below. Thank you!!!